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who is aykut akinci ?

Read some about me

It’s worth reading or not, every story has a beginning. The one, I’ve got the lead role began in 1987, in a June that olive trees haven’t bloom yet. It all started in Balıkesir which is a city full of olive trees and people who have nothing to do except spending a life near sea.

I was a professional ping pong player and a chess player in elementary school. Ok, I was not Kasparov and my ping pong skills could not be compared to that Chinese players make you feel desperate while watching. But I was good… Really good! When I grew up, I found one more thing that I was capable of doing: designing. In order to design my future I entered Yeditepe University, Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Graphic Design. As I said I was not Kasparov but studying graphic design sounded like a good idea... Now, I am looking at my past and thinking that: Yeah, that’s the best lifetime decision I’ve made! I don’t know if it matters or not, but I adore instant photography… I am collecting some polaroid cameras which are very rare and hard to find. I have also a web site called www.polaroidturkiye.com… I wish I could spend much more time for it.

What about my profession? Yes, I’m getting to the main point… I stick to my rules while I’m doing my job. I always aim to complete a project with minimum revision. I’m applying the rule “keep it simple” to my goal which is to create projects that sell fast. Fast doesn’t mean that we can tolerate some mistakes. I got a future plan like anyone working in this sector… No, I don’t want to move to Bodrum and run a boutique hotel in 25 years from now. My plan is doing my job and feeling the pleasure of it until the end of my career.

my works

I worked with famous brands such as; Domino's Pizza, Toyota, Starbucks, Mercedes-Benz, Bridgestone, Ikea, Coca-Cola and other well known Turkish brands.

I can design mainly static and motion graphics, I can also jack off all trades relevant to graphic design.

Here are some of the latest works, that will be updated in time.

Thank you!

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